Black Mesa Research

Developing unhackable websites since May 2020

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Building Completely Original Websites

We definitely didn't just copy a Fomantic UI example page design and modify the text to create a convincing looking landing page.

Unhackable From The Ground Up

It turns out, the secret to making a website with no exploitable functionality is to have zero functionality.

"Not sure what they do but they sound cool."

- Everyone

"My blog is built on Black Mesa technology!"

CryptoKait NCL Chief Player Ambassador

Distract The Hackers

Another key to disuading a potential hacker is to put huge blocks of text on your website that have nothing valuable to say, so they'll waste their time reading it instead of hacking you.

Do Nothing

Pointless Divider

It's Definitely Working

If you're reading this you must be a hacker, nobody looks this closely at the blurbs on a homepage. Keep looking, you're not going to find anything here.

Also Do Nothing